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The Cloudesley

Holistic Therapists at The Cloudesley:Shahriar Mazandi (owner)

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I'm a member of the FHT, ITEC qualified Holistic Massage therapist, Reiki Master, VCTC certified Reflexologist and a Foot Reader.

Foot reading is the art of determining individual personality traits by examining the shape of the feet, the condition of the skin and the direction and condition of the toes and nails. Physiological, metabolic and even emotional imbalances can be determined via foot reading.

I graduated top student of the year and was nominated outstanding therapist by Sussex Coast College. When time permits, I'm also an internet blogger. Please read my essay on Diet and Nutrition

Treatments on offer by myself include Reiki, Reflexology and Massage, ranging from a firmer touch Swedish massage aimed at alleviating muscular tension and stress to a softer Holistic massage for calm and general relaxation.

Review of a treatment in the Bohemia Village Voice I gave to the editor, Sarah Janes: 'Treatments at The Cloudesley come highly recommended from me - following my massage I had the best night's sleep I've had in three years!' The Cloudesley offers a range of treatments and the hotel is a beautiful and tranquil place. I completely lost track of time and I thoroughly recommend you go and treat yourself to an hour of pure relaxation.'

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Shahriar Mazandi - holistic therapist, reiki master, globally syndicated photographer and garden designer, seated in The Lalique Garden, Chlesea Flower Show 2005

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