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Here are some of the plants in the garden which remains a work in progress but with the rare and unusual:Azaleas and Rhododendrons

Azalea Koster's Briljant Red - Mollis hybrid, deciduous - intense, breathtaking flame orange red in May, 150 cm - 180cm in time. Featured in the azalea beds at Kew gardens. Against a dark graphite or black slate, the colour is spectacular.

Azalea Koster.png_1568640587

Azalea Koster's Red - Not quite as bright a red as the above, probably the parent plant from which 'Briljant red' was hybridised.

Azalea Dr M.Oosthoek's Red - Mollis hybrid, deciduous - slightly paler than Koster's. Also at Kew. Beautiful.

Azalea Koster1.jpg_1568640587

Rhododendron Hatsugiri - Japanese Azalea with small, bright magenta flowers in April-May and small leaves creating a mound 50 -75 cm in ten years.

Rhododendron Hatsugiri.png_1568640587
Rhododendron Hatsugiri

Rhododendron Leonore Auriculatum x Kyawi - This rhododendron was bought simply for its foliage. Late July-August flowering, hybrid cross with deep rose pink pendant flowers. Very unusual. Waiting to see it flower.

Rhododendron Leonore.png_1568640587
Rhododendron Leonore Auriculatum x Kyawi - new leaves almost twice as large as last year's

Rhododendron impeditum (Dwerg hybrid) - ground-hugging evergreen dwarf with tiny aromatic grey green leaves and flowers opening purple indigo, fading to a paler lilac blue. 30cm high by 60 wide when mature.

Rhododendron impeditum.png_1568640586
Rhododendron impeditum

Rhododendron makinoi - species rhododendron with thin, long leaves and attractive pinkish off-white flowers. Most unusual and rare.

Rhododendron makinoi.jpg_1568640586
Rhododendron makinoi - starts off pink, fading to white

Rhododendron 'Night Sky' - semi dwarf hybrid with deep purple blue flowers in April;one of the nearest rhododendrons to a true blue.

Rhododendron 'Night Sky' - dark purple blue fading to paler shades

Rhododendron Razorbill (Cox hybrid) - dwarf with stunning porcelain pink little bell-shaped flowers in April-May and small rounded leaves. Would make a very attractive bonsai.

Rhododendron Razorbill.jpg_1568640586
Rhododendron Razorbill - a Kenneth Cox hybrid

Rhododendron roxieanum Oreonastes - rare species rhododendron with thin small leaves;length up to 15 times longer than width. Small, pretty white flowers with lightly speckled magenta throats in April - May.

Rhododendron roxieanum.png_1568640586
Rhododendron roxieanum Oreonastes - my plant, recently purchased, is suffering from mineral defficiency, hence leaf tips slightly yellowed

Rhododendron radicans - ground hugging dwarf with tiny leaves and purple funnel-shaped flowers in May to June.

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Other plants

Artemisia abrotanum - aromatic, a natural moth repellant that can be used in the wardrobe as an alternative to chemical mothballs but needs regular replenishing. Cut back severely in early spring, it always comes back.

Artemisia alba - another attractive Artemisia. Somewhat more upright

Salvia maxima - for contrast. Used in cooking too.

Quince Geisha Girl - beautiful shrub with salmon orange flowers followed by small edible fruit, can be used for cooking.

Quince Geisha.png_1568640586

Acacia baileyana Purpureum - utterly stunning, particularly in early spring/ March, while other plants are still dormant, it explodes into a mass of bright yellow flowers. Pale blue-green, almost tropical-looking leaves turn purple in sun. Eventually a tree. Not fully hardy, thus needing shelter but well worth trying.

Patio Plants

Pumonaria 'Majeste' - speckled silvery leaves and tiny, pretty mauve and blue flowers in spring. Unfortunately slugs love it.


Japanese Maples

Acer palmatum Seiryu - upright version of Acer palmatum Dissectum.

Acer palmatum.png_1568640585
Acer Seiryu in brilliant autumn colours, below

Acer palmatum1.png_1568640585

Acer palmatum Fireglow - intense red-purple in sun, lovely vase shape.


Acer palmatum Katja - fresh red leaves then green in summer, then stunning autumn colour, with pinks, salmons and pale to strong reds. A very striking maple.


Acer palmatum Kinshi - extremely thin 'spider leg' leaves. Most unusual.

Acer palmatum Kinshi.png_1568641332
Kinshi also shows stunning autumn colour


Fig Brown Turkey - most reliable fig producing delicious ripe fruit last year and this year too.

Fig Brown Turkey.png_1568640585
Fig Brown Turkey

Fig Violeta - very hardy, reputedly able to withstand - 20ºC. Produced good fruit this year.

Fig Precote de Dalmatie - rare French fig with beautiful deeply lobed leaves. Too young to provide fruit thus far.

Fig Precote de Dalmatie.png_1568640585
Ficus Precote de Dalmatie

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Sage and half a dozen varieties of rosemary were much used in the kitchen. They compete for space with thyme, oregano and aromatics such as lavender and wormwood.


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