The Cloudesley

About the Cloudesley

With spa facilities and no televisions (but free WiFi), the intention is to create a luxury Bed and Breakfast experience that stands apart from convention.

The holistic therapists here are all highly qualified and talented at what they do. Hopefully, you will sleep very well and in great comfort after a treatment. It's not necessary to be a guest to enjoy a treatment, non residents are welcome via prior appointment. If you are staying, massage or any of our other therapies can be booked in your room or one of the dedicated therapy rooms. Please view the therapies page for further information.

With reference to sleeping well, the beds in particular are also of the highest quality. They are far beyond the quality of what you might expect in an average B&B. One of the most frequently asked questions is 'Where did you buy your beds?'.

The Cloudesley is also a specialist establishment that does not simply cater to special diets but a place where advice on diet and nutrition is freely available and freely offered. Gluten, sugar, yeast and dairy-free diets are always available. There is of course, also a conventional menu for those who simply enjoy good food and we are not afraid to experiment and to try out bold and new culinary ideas. Our special omelets with Courvoisier and Armagnac are becoming quite popular.

We don't use microwaves and only Himalayan crystal salt is used for cooking, and our ingredients are as fresh and organic as possible. When in season, fresh fruit, berries and herbs are collected from the garden or purchased from local orchards and growers.

In good weather the patio is a wonderful sun trap at breakfast time. You are welcome to invite friends for drinks and snacks in one of the two reception rooms. An alcohol licence with food for up to 40 non-resident guests makes The Cloudesley suitable for business functions, events and special occasions. If you book all rooms, including bedrooms, up to 50 people can be catered for.

The art, gardening and photography books, scattered in all the guest rooms and the drawing rooms, are the collection of a lifetime.

Please review the visitor attractions page for local vineyards, gardens, castles and other things to do and places to visit in and around the local area.

For further information on other facilities, please view the facilities page.

Environment &Sustainability

In-house laundry is undertaken with 'eco balls' that work via aionic surfactants, negating the need for vast quantities of washing powder, while reducing pollution to the water system. Other kitchen and household cleaning materials are free of harmful chemicals and toxins, the use of which we try to keep to an absolute minimum. Soaps and shampoos in the rooms are also SLS and paraben free.

Rather than using pesticides in the garden, hot cayenne pepper mixed with 2% neem oil and liquid insecticidal soap in water has been a highly effective deterrent against slugs and snails.

The garden is not simply a place for pleasure but experimentation with planting and food production, as far as possible working with nature rather than against her. Wildflowers and weeds are allowed space here and there, encouraging beneficial insects and a natural balance.

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